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Starship Status/Locations:  Fall 2010

5 privately owned Starships are in active service:

NC-29, NC-33, NC-45, NC-50, NC-51

8 Starships have been donated to museums:

NC-06, NC-14, NC-23, NC-27, NC-28, NC-41, NC-42, NC-49

1 Starship was donated to a college:


4 Starships were donated for composite testing:

NC-01, NC-02, NC-12, NC-32

8 decommissioned Starships are owned by private parties:

NC-17, NC-37, NC-38, NC-43, NC-46, NC-47, NC-52, NC-53

2 Starships are in Wichita, KS:

NC-08, NC-16

1 Starship is on the lam in Mexico:


24 Starships have been confirmed as dismantled/destroyed:

NC-03, NC-04, NC-05, NC-07, NC-09, NC-10, NC-11, NC-13

NC-15, NC-18NC-20, NC-21, NC-22, NC-24, NC-25

NC-26, NC-30, NC-31, NC-34, NC-36, NC-39, NC-40, NC-44, NC-48



Starships await decommissioning / destruction at Pinal Airpark in Marana, AZ

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